Cosplay recycling : Long pink hair 2 / Pelo largo rosa 2 (featuring Megurine Luka)

Megurine Luka has sooooo many costumes by herself that I just decided to do a post just for her.

Megurine Luka tiene taaaaaaantos difraces ella sola que he decidido dedicarle un post.

Project Diva F outfits/trajes

1. Original
2. Eternal white (this one is actually white-purple hair)
3. Amour / Acute
4. Ruby
5. Summer yukata
6. Queen Bee
7. After school mode
8. SW resort bikini
9. SW type
10. Fluffy Loose
11. Fairy princess of the forest
Project Diva extend outfits / trajes

1. Original
2. Chiffon dress
3. Cyber nation
4. Fairy macaron
5. Silence
6. Nagisa
7. Nagisa replica AS
8. VF suit
9. Swimwear
10. Racing Luka
11. Fraulein
12. Hard rock
13. Luka flower (Luka hana)
14. Luka Christmas
15. Luka majokko style
16. Luka chihaya style

Various games and fanarts

1. Luka Christmas (Project Diva Arcade)
2. Luka conflict
3. Sandplay, singing of the dragon
4. ? Hoodie
5. Princess
6. Camellia
7. ? Bunny
8. Magnet
9. Synchronicity
10. Alice in musicland

... and many more out there
... y muchos más ahí fuera

As this seems to be a popular post I am adding some more ideas, most of them are from Vocaloid singles, again unofficial

Como este parece ser un post popular voy a añadir algunas ideas más, la mayoría son de singles de Vocaloid, de nuevo no oficiales

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