Yui Hongo

I loved this manga, Yuu Watase has always been one of my favourite mangakas and this was probably the first manga I read by her. The story was so deep, I was in love with all of the star and Oh my god it is so tragic as it carries on!! I always felt more like Yui than Miaka (the protagonist), Miaka is a bit silly and everything is easy for her, Yui is the quiet one, has to work hard and even doing so she ends up in trouble and nobody seems to help her much ¬¬
This was not the dress I liked the most from Yui, I always thought I looked a bit like a clown on this one, but as my friend Larxenne and I wanted to join a competition with it I decided to make  it as it is more colourful. And you know what? We won! I was very happy as it was the first time we won a first prize together (although we had entered many competitions before and won prizes) It was also the last photoshoot we made together before I moved to England so it is somehow special for me.

The neck is covered by little scales that I made one by one resembling giant sequins, the dress is done with elastic fabric and the cape like jacket with a very weird transparent fabric that I found. I made a tutorial for the headpiece which was my favourite piece

Oh! And I also made a giant dragon of Seiryuu! Go check the pics ^^

Character: Yui Hongo
Series: Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
Photo: A. Manzaneque
Date: April 2016
Materials: Elastic fabric, foam, wire, satin, sequins and beads
Construction time:  4 weeks 

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