Ai Amano

This is one of the funniest yet dramatic at times animes that I watched and read when I was young. It tells the story of a girl that comes out of a VHS to help a boy that has been rejected by his beloved. I feel very much like Ai, she is supposed to be very cute and nice on the outside but somehow she is broken and ends up being a bit of a tomboy
I used a pattern that mixed old fashioned 80's clothing with a traditional kimono. I dye and styled the wig myself (using the anime as reference) and also made boot covers for her
The boot covers were done as shown in the picture, I covered my boots with tape, made a pattern and transferred it to fabric on the bias for a better fit. Added some more details and elastics and they were done.

I also made a variant of her cosplay with elastic fabrics as seen in the anime when she is having a shower

Character: Ai Amano
Series: Videogirl Ai
Photo Edit: me
Date: March 2017
Materials: Cottons and stretch fabric
Construction time: 3 months

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