Apollon Agana Belea

Apollon is the typical character that girls die for, well, he is not my first choice in the series! But I promised my bestie that I would make a quick cosplay for her, just to have fun!

I just grabbed scraps of pieces here and there in order to do this cosplay very quickly! I didn't need to buy anything for it!  I decided to do a gender bender as he shows way too much skin!

As you see it is just a series of rectangles for the fabrics and some scrap foam painted in gold for all the other pieces. Easy peasy

Character: Apollon Agana Belea 
Series: Kamigami no Asobi
Photo Edit: me
Date: June 2017
Materials: Cotton fabric and foam
Construction time:  3 days

Alice in Cosplayland

Cosplay lover and manga addict from Spain. Living the adventure in England! Always working on something new!

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