Capes and cloaks

Here is the trick for a fuller cloak! More curves more flare! The easiest one is the third one as it can work both to cover only the back or slightly the shoulders. The third will take 3m, the last one will be around 5 m of fabrics!

1. Rectangle: if you are a kid you may get away with this, also, if you make it a bit wider it will drape behind your back

2. Quarter of a circle: good for a superhero with not much flare. The cloak will stay behind your back

3. Half a circle: Versatile, it tends to go to your back but it can cover your shoulders and yourself easily. You will need about 3 meters of fabric

4. Half a circle fitted: Same as before but built in three pieces to accomodate your shoulders, it makes sure the cloak will cover your front as much as your back

5. Full circle: A trully royal cloak that will cover you completely, there is a lot of fabric in here. You will need 5 meters of fabric, half a circle in each corner, in order to do this

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