Viktor Nikiforov

As soon as I started watching this anime I knew I wanted to do this character. Actually, I had already finished the cosplay the first week of airing! But I couldn't wear it until a couple of months later. The story is so cute! And yes, they are lovers, you know it, I know it and everybody knows there will be a wedding

I think this was my first male cut wig, appart from the fringe I did layer the wig to give it that straight look, I actually recorded the process and you can see it here. It is actually funny because if you were to see the whole footage you would see my niece entering my room several times to ask what I was doing. I happened to have all the materials for this costume at home and thats why it was so easy for me to make it

Character: Viktor Nikiforov
Series: Yuri on ice!!!
Photo: Haru-kun
Edit: me
Date: November 2017
Materials: Organza fabric and stretch fabric
Construction time: 2 days

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