Astrid Hofferson

Astrid is really cool, she rides the dragon Stormfly and she is a fierceless dragon tamer. I loved her in the first film and even more in the second, I like how she is more mature now (but still a teenager!)

This cosplay was postponed several times as I really wanted to do it well. It was a big project at the time. It took a long time to find a knit fabric that matched the pants and tshirt which I made myself
All the little details are handmade one by one with funny gummy clay, I also had to dye the fur as I couldn't find a match. The wig and the axe were also styled and made by me

I have made several tutorials for this cosplay including how to make the axe, the pauldrons and how to sew the trousers (my basic pattern started as a jean pattern with tighter legs)

Character: Astrid Hofferson
Series: How to train your dragon 2
Photo: Larxenne Cosplay
Edit: me
Date: September 2016
Materials: Foam and crepe fabric
Construction time: 1 year
Awards: Best cosplay in show at Salon del Comic de Alicante

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