Rei Ayanami

If you haven't seen Neon Genesis Evangelion you can't consider yourself a real otaku. Really? You don't know this series? It is a classic among classics! Yup, it has several weird endings but hey! Nobody is perfect! Rei is the quiet type of girl that has a lot to say, so in a way she is a bit like me. It was great to pair with my lovely Larxenne who was my Asuka, the temperamental one
This dress may seem easy but believe me when I say it is not! I took my time with this cosplay studying every single detail, because i loved it and because I enjoyed to do so! Also cut my wig to make it look like Rei as much as I could. I made boxed pleats for the A-line skirt and a simple shirt for the top with a weird neck, almost like a sailor neck.
Fun fact about this dress, it is actually the third of a bunch of cosplays I made using a retail of fabric that I got in the market for 10€, I made 4 different ones in total! Can you spot them?

Character: Rei Ayanami
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Photo Edit: Hawk Image & Design
Date: Fabric 2017
Materials: Cotton fabric and twill fabric
Construction time:  1 month

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